GSAS Fellowships

Contact the GSAS Fellowships Office:

GSAS hosts several internal fellowship competitions and collaborates with the Committee on General Scholarships on Harvard-wide competitions:

External Competitions

The Fellowships Office also administers several external competitions:

The CARAT Database

The CARAT database allows students to search for fellowship opportunities by keyword, citizenship requirement, length of opportunity, stage in graduate school, and more. Through CARAT, you can find links to application materials and instructions on how to apply. You also apply to many Harvard fellowships via CARAT, including those listed above.

How do I apply for a fellowship?

Every fellowship has specific criteria and application instructions, but as a general rule, most competitions ask for:

  1. A fellowship proposal, explaining your research topic and what you plan to do if you are granted the fellowship
  2. Recommendation letters
  3. A budget of expenses you expect to incur, especially for travel competitions
  4. Transcripts
  5. A current CV
  6. A list of awards and fellowships you have won during your time as a graduate student, fellowships you are currently supported by, and publications

Plan your application well in advance by seeking out recommenders early, making sure you obtain official transcripts well ahead of deadlines, and drafting your proposal early to get as much feedback on it as possible.