GSAS Policy on Teaching Fellowships

Teaching is not a requirement for students in Psychology, but most students teach for living expense support, particularly during years 3-5.

The standard teaching load is two sections or .4 FTE per semester. The expected time commitment is 7-10 hours per week per section.

Immigration regulations limit international student employment to .57 FTE per term, i.e. no more 20 hours per week. International students with questions regarding this regulation should consult with our Financial Aid Officer

All Psychology PhD students must take PSY 3555 during their first year of teaching and must attend the Fall Teaching Conference and Winter Teaching Week offered by the
Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning.

If you are particularly interested in teaching, you can apply to be the Department Pedagogy Fellow through the Bok Center. The Pedagogy Fellow teaches PSY 3555, serves as a liaison between the Bok Center and the Psychology department, and provides pedagogical support and guidance to other graduate students.